Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Uhhhh…Holy Crap!

While I don't really care much for cars or driving these days, mostly due to the fact that I think they’re portable pods of death, I’m still completely mesmerized by this video which showcases Ken Block’s insanely talented driving.

It's scary how well he can manipulate his custom built rally car to do whatever he wishes and the course they've set up for him is mind boggling. He takes this monstrous 650 HP Ford Fiesta, with an obscenely high power to weight ratio, to a closed rally course where they let him go nuts drifting around cones, tight turns, people, boxes, whatever.

My favorite moment has got to be at 2:31 where he repeatedly drifts around someone, most likely an intern, on a Segway scooter, coming within inches of him. It's this sort of precision drifting in which he's managing to execute tight swirls around 180 degree turns in tightly confined areas while playfully nudging cones at full throttle that blows me away.

What I find most interesting though, is that his personality actually comes through in the way he drives. I’ve seen my share of drifting videos and car races, but never before have I actually noticed a distinct personality in someone’s driving. I think it’s fairly evident that you’ll find he’s playful, brash, and has a helluva a lot of confidence.

Be sure to watch it to the end. It’s absurd. He continues to drift until he grinds his tires down until there is nothing left and he is literally shooting sparks from his rims.

Also, check out the second video from this series. It gets even more absurd and playful where they set up a course that looks like it's out of an action movie. I don't want to say too much, as the eye-popping suprise factor adds to the excitement of the video. But, I'll just say this, there are a lot super slow motion shots in which the car is used to make things explode. Really frickin cool.

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