Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AA Loves: Chapel Club

Chapel Club has come to dominate my life. Despite my best attempts, their sound has infiltrated deep within the crevices of my mind. I’m utterly powerless when their music is this good.

Distinctly English, Chapel Club harkens back to the best of Albion at its most glorious.

With a deep bass filled voice, lead singer Lewis Bowman recalls Ian Curtis of Joy Division, while hints of Echo and The Bunnymen, The Smiths, and even a bit of My Bloody Valentine can be plainly heard.

New Wave influences mingle with the shadowy atmospherics of Interpol to brilliant effect. Richly layered, their sound is dark and moody, yet somehow infused with sudden bright moments, like brilliant flashes of light in a dark abyss.

Check out their debut album “Palace,” which just came out on January 31st.

Listen to “The Shore” and “All the Eastern Girls” below.

To give fair warning, it will likely come to dominate your playlists, mind, and life.

I’ll go ahead and be so bold as to say that Chapel Club has already made my favorite new bands of 2011 list, and will likely be added to my favorite bands list period.

Chapel Club – The Shore

Chapel Club – All The Eastern Girls

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