Monday, February 21, 2011

AA Loves: MillionYoung

MillionYoung is back and better than ever on his first full length album Replicants, which just dropped last week on Old Flame/Rix Records.

This time around Florida native Mike Diaz, got a whole band together to help round out his blissed out chill-wave sound and it certainly makes a difference.

Mellow electronic beats, lush synths, and sheer euphoric bliss mingle on gorgeous tracks that leave your mind floating. The Guardian may have put it the best when they wrote that Million Young sounds like“New Order had gone to Ibiza and never come back.”

With a bit more upbeat energy than on his previous releases, he somehow infuses glowing vitality with laid-back grooves – the juxtaposition stimulates you in all the right ways.

Chill-wave dream pop never sounded so damn good.

I’m going to be so bold as to declare this as one of my favorite new albums of the year. There I said it. So hurry up and listen to the title track “Replicants” as well as the fantastic “Calrissian” below.

Head over to the website to stream the rest of the album.

Millionyoung-Replicants by Old Flame Records

Millionyoung-Calrissian Demo by Old Flame Records

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