Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Detective Social - Roads

For those of you who want a dose of calming reassurance, check out Detective Social.

This quartet from down under blends intricate guitar melodies, in the style of Explosions in The Sky, with quiet reassuring lyrics that urge you onwards.

The vocals coo comfortingly, but there’s a hint of melancholy to prevent it from being pure faux positive energy.While encouraging, the lyrics are not fueled by an unrelenting na├»ve optimism, but rather a willful hopefulness rooted in experience and past disappointments.

Thoughts like “So come on, let’s prove it, we’ll prove them all wrong” are tempered with doses of reality like “We’ve given too much to watch it all just go to waste.”

A bit poppy, but catchy and light hearted, Detective Social is all about rushing headlong into the world and taking risks.

Listen to “Roads” below.

Detective Social - Roads by Aesthetes Anonymous

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