Thursday, March 3, 2011

AA Loves – Conner Youngblood

I just stumbled across a rather interesting musical find with the talented Conner Youngblood.

The 20 year old Dallas native and Yale undergrad has been turning heads lately with his unique combination of deep electronic dub-step beats and folksy bluegrass banjos. Blending the two sounds seamlessly on “Monsters,” he whispers with a husky, detached, blissed out voice that lures you in to his world.

Needless to say the effect is utterly disarming.

On “Girl Hair,” he parts with the deep bass lines of “Monsters” and opts for a simple banjo and a light vibraphone to accompany his gorgeous vocals in a Bon Iver-esque manner. The blissed out quality of his voice remains, yet somehow he infuses them with powerful emotions that are still somehow detached from this world.

Download and listen to both below, courtesy of Blue Walrus.

Conner Youngblood - Monsters by The Wounded Jukebox

Conner Youngblood - Girl Hair by neumagazine

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