Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AA Loves: Fenech Soler

I’ve been digging through the archives over at fuckingdance, my favorite blog until it went dark, and just came across Fenech Soler and boy am I pissed that I didn’t hear about these guys sooner.

Hopefully, this isn’t old news for you, so bear with me if everyone else has been gushing about them for the past year, but my life could always use some insanely catchy electro dance pop, and Fenech Soler certainly provides it in ample droves.

I think fuckingdance summed it most succinctly, saying they sound like“Prince meets Soft Cell.” I would venture to throw in a bit of Daft Punk in that simile as well.

Their debut self-titled LP dropped last September.

Check out “Lies” and “Stop and Stare” below.

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