Friday, March 25, 2011

Morning Benders Japan Echo EP --> DONATE NOW

In light of the tragic events in Japan, The Morning Benders have just released a special EP of unreleased songs in support of Red Cross relief efforts.

The EP is available for free after donating and the band promises that 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake Relief fund, and besides why would we have any reason to distrust such a genuine band like the Morning Benders.

In a heartfelt note, on the band’s website Chris Chu writes that they were originally scheduled to play their first show in Tokyo last week. But owing to what happened their Japanese tour was cancelled. It also turns out that Chris was originally born in Japan and spent his early years there.

What a win-win situation. Donate to the Red Cross and get a free Morning Benders EP. The only unfortunate thing is that it took a massive earthquake and tsunami to get this.

Head over to the band’s website now and donate.

To be perfectly honest, I already donated to Japan, did it again just to get a free Morning Benders EP. Damn those crafty kids.

Japan Echo EP (日本・エコー) Tracklisting:

1. Cold War (Star Slinger Remix)
2. Better In Blue
3. Hand Me Downs (Wild Nothing Remix)
4. Excuses (RAC Remix)
5. Mason Jar (Twin Sister Remix)
6. Wet Cement (Aislyn Remix)
7. Little Riot
8. Promises (Star Slinger Remix)

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