Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Uhh…holy crap!

It’s been a while since my heart has raced and my knuckles turned white as I gripped the sides of my chair while watching a video, so I more than welcomed this absurdly intense video of a camera strapped to the helmet of a mountain bike racer tearing down the streets of Chile.

Watch as the biker dives out of the way of stray dogs, avoids rubble, flies 15 feet in the air, and clears staircase after staircase in an all-out race through Chile’s windy streets.

Of course like a true bad ass, the biker is impeccably clad in a full suit.

This was even more exhilarating than watching Claude Lelouch’s 1976 short which features a Ferrari tearing through the crowded streets of Paris at 140 MPH without closing the streets or letting anyone know.

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