Thursday, February 10, 2011

AA Loves - Anna Calvi

It’s rare to come across vocalists that exude raw power in today’s indie-scene, which is why I was so blown away by Anna Calvi.

Her songs, lyrics, and aesthetics create a darkly sexual atmospheric vibe that both frighten and excite you.

She can whisper huskily with a quiet sensuousness or shatter glass with crystal-clear operatic power and she certainly uses her deft abilities to full effect. With grand sweeping soundscapes to match her vocal prowess, Anna Calvi is kind of sort of a lot of amazing.

This half English and half Italian songstress just dropped her self-titled debut album on January 17th on Domino records, so be sure to get your copy ASAP.

Check out “Won’t Be Leaving,” which showcases the lusty qualities of her voice to a James Bond-esque spy vibe sort of tune. The sparse drums and minimal guitar riff match her erotic whisper nicely.

To see the other side of her voice, be sure to check out “Jezebel.” It’s definitely worth the few minutes of your time.

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