Monday, February 14, 2011

AA Loves – Lonely Galaxy

Lonely Galaxy makes falling in love about as joyful as attending a funeral. Just as the name suggests, Lonely Galaxy makes beautiful lovesick music. So if you're alone today, this is probably the perfect backdrop for your misery.

Harry Granger-Howell, the broken hearted soul behind Lonely Galaxy, fills his lo-fi ballads with longing lyrics, sparse melodies, and a subtle driving New Wave beat behind them.

The sweeping organs and the meandering guitar melodies give his sound a prolific feel, while his vocals sound as if he is calling to you from a distant memory. With candid lyrics like “I wish I didn’t have to see you around. At least I have a heart” and “I want you to notice how I feel when the dawn comes,” he explores the depths of his loneliness and misery.

The drama, intrigue, and emotion make Lonely Galaxy a great melancholy interlude for the crushing depths of winter.

Listening to Lonely Galaxy calls to mind a quote from a book that I was reading recently that fairly much sums up their music – “Sometimes I get really lonely sleeping with you.”

His second EP, simply titled EP2 , was just released recently on Transparent.

Stream them both below. Enjoy.

EP2 by Lonely Galaxy

EP One by Lonely Galaxy

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