Tuesday, February 1, 2011

AA Loves: Hey Champ

Yea yea I know. The Indie synth pop genre has become absurdly crowded with me too acts. It seems like every hipster band is just throwing together a falsetto, new wave lyrics, an electronic beat, and a guitar.

But whatever, I’d care more if it wasn’t so damn fun. So check out Hey Champ.

Self aware of their own ridiculous coolness, these indie synth rockers have come to show us all a good time. With danceable beats, catchy pop lyrics, and perfect pop riffs, Hey Champ is way too cool for school to not have you dancing.

So listen to “Cold Dust Girl,” my personal favorite, below.

Oh and don’t forget to check out the video for “Neverest.”

It’s absurd. I really can’t say much other than naked dolphin boobs. Yea, that’s right. Girls with huge dolphins for cans! Oh yea, and there’s that South African guy from District 9.

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