Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vintage British Café Motorcyles

The prospect of dying from the world’s worst friction burn is a serious impediment to my actual purchase of a motorcycle, so instead I am left as an awkward appreciator of those beautiful machines. In particular, I have a deep abiding aesthetic love for the sleek and sinuous lines of British motorcycles. 

Dustin Kott, who makes some of the most paired down minimalist British style Café racers, has elegantly summed up my love for vintage British bikes stating, “You see how everything that’s there is all that has to be there, there is no room for anything else. You can feel a spirit in that bike.”

With Café Motorcycles, Kott’s custom bike shop, he takes this minimalist mantra to the extreme. Kott will take existing bikes and strip away 50 pounds of excess parts, leaving only the bare minimum that it needs to operate smoothly or he will build new bikes from scratch that embrace this same ideology.

“The idea is to create a machine that has only what it needs to exist, to work, to run, and what’s left is just a shell,” he explains.

What a beautiful concept.

Learn more about Kott’s handmade motorcycles and his aesthetics in this beautifully shot video below.

Cafe cowboy from benedict campbell on Vimeo.

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