Thursday, November 1, 2012

AA Loves – Elliot & the Ghost

Curse these metal hands! Well, not so much my metal hands as my life-consuming day job that keeps me from getting through the deluge of emails I get from bands in a timely manner (also ten points if you caught that reference).

Anyhoo, I’m terribly upset with myself for missing out on Brooklyn’s own Elliot & The Ghost at CMJ this year.

From The Beatles-tinted “Last Days” to “Cruel Treats,” a smoldering piece of dark blues rock that’s perfect for a Tarantino-esque cannonball run through the cool desert night, Elliot & The Ghost prove to be a unique mix of blues, folk, and southern rock.

Depending on how you look at it, this four-piece is either an indie-folk band steeped in diesel, stale beer, and cheap bourbon or a dirty blues rock band that’s really into jangling 60’s rock. Either way, Elliot & The Ghost mean business, so stream their debut EP Dark Days below and be sure to head over to bandcamp to pick up a digital copy.

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