Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello Ocho – Party On A Raincloud

Check out the latest band to emerge from Atlanta, Hello Ocho,  who make insanely good experimental pop in the vein of Devandra Barnhart.

Lushly layered, sensual, smooth, and carnal, “Party On a Raincloud” sounds a bit like if Wu Lyf were really into tribal drumming, yoga, and kombucha and wanted to make a spiritual hymn to the gods of nature.

Check out the video, which was shot in a cave in Georgia and features a naked chorus, which means it’s not quite safe for work. At the same time, they’re not having an orgy or anything, they’re just sitting and singing peacefully in a cave.

Namaste? More like Namasty – yea, that one got away from me. Anyways, watch the video it's frickin good.

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