Thursday, December 9, 2010

AA Loves: James and Evander

As a Bay Area native myself, I’m always happy to hear from artists from the Bay. So when I got an email from James & Evander, entitled “Greetings from Oakland,” I knew I was in for a treat.

The sounds of their dreamy electro synth pop have been airily floating from my speakers for the past several days. Imagine a less aggressive version of Crystal Castles, but equally as Atari video game inspired. It’s not so much the pulse pounding epileptic fit kind of video game as it is the relaxed exploration of strange new worlds kind. Perhaps, it’s best summed up in their own words as "weed-wave electro-pop."

Check out their recently released EP Sunlight and Circuitry, available on their Bandcamp now. Following the Radiohead model, they’ve offered up their EP for free, however if you’re feeling generous you may pay as much as you like.

Particular favorites of mine include “Turtle Two” and “Smoke This Glove.” While it may appear outwardly calm, just lurking below the surface of “Turtle Two” is a violent undertow that sucks you under in a tranquil yet deadly swirl of synth laden melodies. On “Smoke This Glove,” it’s all about a slow methodical mellow vibe that speaks of a languid curiosity and exploratory inquisitiveness of someone high enough, as the title says, to smoke this glove.

Listen to the album below, and be sure to head to their Bandcamp to get your copy.

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