Monday, December 20, 2010

AA’s Favorite New Artists of 2010

In no particular order, here are a few of my favorite artists that have emerged on the scene in 2010. Most of them have only recently dropped their first EP’s or are currently at work on that first EP after a few acclaimed singles, so these artists have a lot of potential ahead of them. I would definitely keep your eyes on these bands, as I expect fabulous music from all of them in 2011.

Big Deal

Quiet, minimal, and deliriously beautiful, Big Deal proves that you really don’t need anything more than two guitars and two voices to make some gorgeous music. With only a few songs under their belts, the comparisons to the XX have been more than forthcoming but deservedly so.

This young British duo just dropped their first 7” with only 300 printed each these are certainly rare and have a great personal touch with hand drawn sleeves.


big deal

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Voxhaul Broadcast

While not exactly new for 2010, Voxhaul Broadcast is certainly one of my favorite emerging bands of the year. With Voxhaul Broadcast it’s pure ol’ fashioned California rock n’ roll at its best. With a sound drenched in sun, surf, and reverb along with a voice that evokes sleepy reminiscence, this is without a doubt a band that I can listen to no matter what mood I’m in.

After dropping their first EP Rotten Apples in 2008, they’ve steadily released smashing singles and EPs. Their first album is scheduled to be released in 2011, and I’m eagerly awaiting it.

Living Days

Living Days encapsulates the frenetic energy of New York in exuberant 80’s New Wave Synth pop. Their sound is raw fun mixed with vocals that drip with sex wrapped in frenzied energy. Plus, vocalist Stephonik Youth is fascinating in every sense of the word and has an amazing voice that matches the androgynous nature of her name.

A comment on their YouTube page best sums up my feelings for this band, “Holy shit, I am so fucking happy this band exists!”

Be sure to check out their debut EP Make Out Room, Vol. 1 out now.

The Cracks

With The Cracks, it’s all about raw hell fire and rambunctious rock steeped in the traditions of the American South.

So far they’ve only got four songs officially out, and it seems that they’ve certainly followed the platitude of quality over quantity. The lead track Caroline certainly gives a good indication of what they’re all about.

The Wild Mercury Sound

I can unequivocally say that no song more than Chemistry by The Wild Mercury Sound has captured my attention so fully this year. For that simple reason alone, I’m a complete supporter of this band, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that they are no stranger to this blog.

They’ve been busy recording songs in the studio and hard at work on releasing an EP, so be sure to keep an eye out for these insanely talented Brits.

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