Thursday, December 16, 2010

AA’s Frivolous Wants: Moleskin Kindle Case

While I don’t own a Kindle, this sleek new Moleskine Kindle case makes me want to buy one so I can justify getting this case.

With the simple elegance of the classic Moleskine notebooks, it comes as no surprise that by applying their beautiful aesthetic they’ve created a gorgeous blend of old and new technology.

Situated in an iconic Moleskine cover is a compartment for your sleek kindle where it is cradled by 4 elastic straps and smooth suede lining to prevent any scratches. On the other side is a sleek journalist style notepad which allows you to easily jot down any notes that you might have.

Each notebook comes with two pads of paper with blank unlined ivory paper.

On a side note, it seems that my love for Moleskine notebooks is mild compared to those of others. I stumbled across websites like this one dedicated purely to “hacking” Moleskine notebooks to create iPod cases, PDA’s, and other handy dandy tricks and tips.

Available on Amazon.

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