Wednesday, December 1, 2010

AA Loves: She Keeps Bees

Every now and then you come across a band that has such an emotionally raw sound that it just knocks the wind out of you. She Keeps Bees is definitely one of those bands.

Despite what you might think from the name, they are a bluesy rock duo based in Brooklyn that is somewhere between the Kills, The White Stripes, Howling Wolf, and Cat Power.

Heavily rooted in blues, it’s got a gritty feel that is loud and raw garage rock at its best. With a voice like Debbie Harry if she were the daughter of a poor southern sharecropper, Jessica Larrabee sings and plays guitar while Andy LaPlant beats time on the drums.

Larrabee’s voice adds a bold intensity to their sound, as she sings with such unadultered dark sensuous emotion. What’s more impressive is that all of their records have been recorded and produced by themselves at home.

Check out New Seed from their 7” release SKB-005.

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