Friday, November 26, 2010

5 Songs to Help Hide Inside for the Winter

Here are five of my favorite songs that are the perfect soundtrack for winter hibernation.

Arcade Fire – Winter for a Year

From their demo, this gem has a great melancholy yet upbeat and whimsical feel to it. The meandering melody and light hearted drumming mix smoothly with Win Butler’s voice that is noticeably more adolescent and even contains a hint of Billy Corgan’s whine, at least to my ear.

Sufjan Stevens – Come On Feel the Illinoise!

The opening bass lines from the piano make me think of a jollier version of Charlie Brown and nothing says Christmas like the oddly depressing Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Let’s also not forget the grand soundscapes and bright horns that really spread a holiday cheer.

Sufjan Stevens - Come On! Feel The Illinoise! by AriGold

Ra Ra Riot – Winter 05

The quiet sleigh bells in the background; the gorgeous melancholy lyrics; the explicit recognition of the inherent dreariness of winter; and of course the idea of curling up next to a loved one during those cold winter nights. If that doesn’t capture the essence of winter, I don’t know what can.

Young Galaxy – Outside the City

Something about this song, just makes me think of going on a grand snow-filled adventure. The booming drum and bass lines add a driving momentum to the song and when mixed with the lovely vocals, make the most pleasant combination to my ears.

The Rifles – Winter Calls

Lonely lyrics over guitar work that screams British rock by my favorite Brits, The Rifles – what’s not to love about that?

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #1 Tunnels

Perhaps the greatest, most brilliant song about winter ever. I’m not sure any song could be better than Arcade Fire’s Neighborhood #1 to bury yourself for the winter. From the recurring fairy tale like melodies to Win Butler’s plaintive angst ridden wail, nothing evokes a magical winter wonderland than this song. It also helps that it’s written about a magical world with no parents that’s covered in snow and connected by tunnels.

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