Tuesday, November 16, 2010

AA Loves: The Cracks

I’m all cracked up for The Cracks. Oh badump chh. See what I did there.

But seriously, The Cracks is hard charging rough and tumble Rock N’ Roll at its best. Full of raw Southern hell fire, their explosive guitar riffs, fiery drumming, and wailing vocals evoke a drug fueled slingshot ride across the country in a hot rod belching flames on a scorching desert highway.

With their southern rock inspired sound, replete with a screaming harmonica, one would think that this quartet hailed from the American South or at least Detroit instead of Sydney, Australia. Regardless of where they’re from, these guys know how to rock.

Check out “Caroline” below as well “Rapture,” where Andy Crosby’s vocals and the guitar riffs resemble Liam Gallagher and Oasis at its best.

The Cracks - Caroline

The Cracks - Rapture

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