Thursday, November 25, 2010

Elegant Bike Storage

Chris Brigham, the designer behind Knife and Saw has solved our bike storing woes with his elegant Bike Shelf.

In his words, "While visiting many friends small apartments here in SF and more so in NY, I noticed that there is a void when it comes to elegant bike management. Bikes always get in the way – either in the hall, or leaning up against a bookshelf or something. So, I decided to design something to fix that problem."

It's made out of solid Walnut and suspended by "a solid steel square rod mount" so it should be sturdy enough to hold anything you want. It also provides the space to hang hooks to store other accessories or objects as needed.

Head over to Knife and Saw now to see more.


  1. We could totally use this for the apartment!

  2. Agreed. This looks tremendously helpful. Although on the down side, it only seems to store one bike.