Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Of Montreal Video – “Famine Affair”

Of Montreal has just released the second video off False Priest, “Famine Affair.” This puzzlingly amazing video is directed by Jason Miller, who also did the video for Coquet Coquette, and Nina Barnes, Kevin Barnes’ wife.

This is a bizarre, depraved, and sexually charged new video of epic feminine proportions. The viewer is just as bewildered as the solitary man in the clip among the gaggle of nymph like ladies. What begins as a decadent X chromosome only party leads to the revelation of a twisted and sinister world of distant sexual pleasures. It’s entirely engrossing, visually stunning, and immaculately styled with the unique aesthetics of Of Montreal.

In an interview with Spin, Kevin Barnes described the video as "the story of a man living in a feminine empire. As a male, he is considered lower class. He is expected to abstain from any social interaction with members of the ruling class, and provide sperm for breeding rituals. Each household is provided by the State with one male, the housemale is not permitted to leave the grounds. The housemale must live in the estate he is assigned to until death or sexual impotence."

If you’re so inclined, Of Montreal is holding a remix contest for “Famine Affair.” Submit your own remix and if it’s selected you could win $500 bucks and the entire Of Montreal digital discography. For more details and all you need to get mixing click here.

Watch “Famine Affair” courtesy of Spin.

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