Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Evan Voytas – Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere

LA based multi-instrumentalist Evan Votyas’ first physical release is here! Released online in mid October, the physical edition has hit stores this month courtesy of Cascine.

Check out Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere, a sweet little EP. For a lack of better words, it’s introspective space age synth-pop. The combination of 90’s hip-hop drum loops and new wave synths give it paradoxically an old school retro feel while also propelling you into space. Sitting airily atop these swirling electronic beats and pulses is a falsetto that begs the comparison to Barry Gibb’s of the Bee Gees circa Saturday Night Fever.

This eclectic sound seems to stem from his own checkered background, growing up in rural Pennsylvania before moving to Harlem and a bearded stint in the desert. After touring the world sans beard, he eventually returned to the dirt roads of Pennsylvania to record.

Don’t forget to also check out some of his past releases, “I Run With You Spirit Animal” and “I Took a Trip on a Plane.”

Evan Voytas - Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere by Aesthetes Anonymous

Evan Voytas - I Run With You Spirit Animal

Evan Voytas – I Took a Trip on a Plane

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