Monday, November 8, 2010

AA Loves: Who Knew

The terrible winter blight will soon hit the land, transforming once lush and verdant landscapes into a frigid, barren tundra. Naturally, coming from California, the approach of winter always fills me with dread. How can anyone look forward to months of body-wracking shivers, skull crunching falls on invisible sheets of ice, and plunging your feet into lake sized puddles of icy snow filled with rat carcasses and garbage?

Fortunately, unlike me six-piece Icelandic band Who Knew has no problems staying chipper during the winter months. Their deliriously happy music will keep you in good spirits despite the apocalyptic weather outside.

Despite being born in a “heatless basement in Reykjavik,” Who Knew seeks to “mediate happiness” rather than capture the “chilling vastness and serenity of their homeland.” With a deluge of catchy guitar riffs, an alluring falsetto, and stand out drum lines, these Icelandic rockers leave an ever widening grin on your face. It’s almost as if they seek to stave off the dreariness of winter by pure raw energy, leaping around on stage drenched in sweat until they literally collapse exhausted.

Check out “We Do” a fantastic video for a great song that shows off their vibrant sound and rambunctious energy Fight Club style. Each member performs the song as their band mates shove, slap, and punch them. It’s oddly exhilarating and by the end the viewer is left in awe as we look upon their bruised, bloody, and battered faces. For a more subdued, version check out the equally exhilarating acoustic version of We Do.

Also, be sure to pick up their LP “Bits and pieces of a major spectacle”

Who Knew - We Do from 101berlin on Vimeo.

Who knew – We Do Acoustic

Who Knew - We Do (Acoustic) from 101berlin on Vimeo.

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