Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AA Loves: Keep Shelly In Athens

I recently started listening to the mellow grooves of Keep Shelly In Athens and think you should too.

The mysterious Grecian duo mix downtempo grooves with swirling keyboards and ethereal lyrics to devastating effect.

On “Tear in my I,” a ghostly nymph-like songstress seductively beckons us to join her in another world. It feels like we are being led through wooded groves to our slaughter. Our existences obliterated under the clear night sky to a marvelous soundtrack.

Little is known of the band, as they simply go by RΠЯ and Sarah P. (Mystery Girl) on their facebook. The band’s website reveals little more, but it on the bright side it does contain gorgeous photos. So be sure to hop over there to see some great scenes of Greece.

Keep Shelly in Athens - A Tear in my I by Aesthetes Anonymous

Keep-Shelly-In-Athens-Fokionos-Negri-Street by Aesthetes Anonymous

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