Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vintage Family Sedans – Making Practicality Sexy Again

Forget vintage American muscle cars. That’s played. Vintage family sedans and other practical automobiles are bringing sexy back in ways that Justin Timberlake could only hope for.

There is something about the mundane family sedans of the past that really catch my eye. I suppose it’s the understated elegance that really gets me excited. Who would have thought that plain old family sedans could be so stylish? I wonder if in 50 years we’ll be looking back on the Ford Taurus with the same fondness, although somehow I highly doubt it.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these sensible, efficient, and very lovely modes of family transport from the past. With room for the whole family, luggage, and relatively good mileage what’s not to love?

Plus check out these great vintage ads. I love the “customer reviews” that espouse all the most boring aspects of the cars as their most exciting selling points. Although nothing beats the commercial for the Falcon replete with sweeping orchestras, catchy jingles, and lyrics that consist of repeatedly singing the name of the car.

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