Thursday, January 6, 2011

AA’s Frivolous Wants: Special Edition Daft Punk Tron Headphones

In case you didn’t get everything you wanted this Christmas, here’s something to add to the list. As part of the promotion for the new Tron movie, the audio wizards over at Monster teamed up with Disney to release a set of special edition Tron headphones.

Officially dubbed the Monster Tron Legacy T1, these bad boys are loaded with features including:

  • Monster’s advanced studio driver design for ultra-precision surround-sound clarity
  • Extra-large over-ear drivers to deliver deep bass and thunderous low-end effects  
  • LED Light Drive System used for the first time in Monster headphones to recreate TRON: LEGACY animated lighting effects
  • Advanced noise isolation technology that blocks external sound so users can remain immersed in music, movies and games
  • Removable boom microphone that can be placed on either side, giving gamers a useful edge while playing and conversing hands-free with opponents
While insanely sleek and futuristic, you may have to sell a few of your Christmas gifts to afford them at their $349.95 price tag.

In case that isn’t enough, check out the Tron Legacy iPod audio dock that looks like one of those sleek glow in the dark Frisbees that they throw around in the movie. At the affordable price of only $249.95 grab one for the whole family.

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