Monday, January 24, 2011

Stream British Sea Power’s New Album – Valhalla Dancehall

British Sea Power’s new album, Valhalla Dancehall, is here! These Brit indie rockers dropped their fifth album in mid January and it’s definitely worth a listen.

Taking a different approach, the band decided to eschew the studio and record the album in a more DIY fashion. They got the hell out of dodge and found an old farmhouse in a remote part of the world and lived there for eighteen months writing, recording, and above all experimenting.

Recounting their adventures in an interview, it seems like the band had quite the time forgetting to order heating oil and struggling with the cold, walking miles on end in empty forests, watching episodes of Heartbeat with a mouse, and making golf courses out of their massive overgrown lawn.

Less grand and eccentric than their previous four albums, Valhalla Dancehall is still filled with esoteric references and influences but in a more accessible package. To quote the Guardian, the album is drawn from “vintage Playboy magazines, population control, crazy golf, Dadaist artist Kurt Schwitters, hedonism, nature, and "French Hitchcock" Henri-Georges Clouzot.

With albums this good coming out so early in 2011, this year is going to be prolific for music.

Here’s just a snippet below, but be sure to head over to the Guardian to stream the rest.

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