Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quiet Lights – Ablaze

The name Quiet Lights more or less sums up their quiet ghostly sound. They appear like a phantom apparition late at night with their swirling ethereal guitars and dreamy vocals. Their sound lingers in the air for a moment and hangs there delicately before gently fading away.

Ablaze is the first single from their forthcoming album and is accompanied by Twice Today, the blurred B-Side.

This Brooklyn based five piece sums up their sound best, “Quiet Lights formed in Brooklyn in 2009 through a shared love of finding beauty in layered sounds. They're drawn to light and dark landscapes, glass-bottle hazes, blurry sonic envelopes, and small batch bourbon.”

Listen below, then head over to their bandcamp to download your free copy of this digital 7”. Also up for grabs is their first release a three song sampler released in March of last year.

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