Thursday, January 20, 2011

AA Loves: Super Desserts

Bands like Super Desserts restore your faith in humanity. While that might seem like a bold statement, a quick listen to their music and you’ll have the same feeling. Simply put they have the sweetest, most sincere, and adorable sound possible without being overly wholesome, creepy, or precious.

Their banjo infused folk rock, 1950’s pop lyrics, and the sweetest voices you can imagine suggest a wholesomeness that doesn’t exist anymore, but somehow they manage to not do it in an overly saccharine Disney way. With lyrics about calling your mom, finding comfort in bold lies, or asking if your dad can cut hair, listening to their songs feels like you walked into a quiet coffee shop somewhere in the American heartland to hear your buddy’s band sing about your friends and family.
With whimsical song titles like “I Only Love You Because You Play Guitar,” “Give Your Mom A Call, Or The Sorcerer,” or “Gotta Lotta Sun,” these songs will be sure to put a smile on your face – and if they don’t, you’re a robot.

Listen to “I Only Love You Because You Play Guitar” below and be sure to hop over to their Bandcamp to download their latest album Twee as Folk.

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