Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Smith Westerns – Dye It Blonde

It’s here!!! I just got my greedy little hands on Smith Westerns’ sophomore effort, Dye It Blonde.

These underage louts have really outdone themselves with this phenomenal album.

Displaying incredible growth, while still maintaining that shithead adolescent energy that made their first album so fun, Dye It Blonde is an absurdly catchy album.

They’ve kept the dreamy and girl-crazy sound of hormone mad young ‘uns, but producer Chris Coady has helped to focus that restless energy.

Thank god for the hi-fi recording equipment and the studio budget because we can know hear the artful psychedelic swirls and arcs of their guitars. This album is loaded with some dazzling guitar riffs and Cullen Omori coos gently with the sweetness of a cherub.

The album opens with a powerful trio in “Weekend,” “Still New,” and “Imagine Pt.3”

Weekend is so damn fun and has probably already made it on to your playlists as it was released several months ago as the lead single from the album.

Still New is surprising in that the lyrics are audibly more mature, as they now include lines like “I want to tell you you’re hard to resist.” On that note, I must say that the George Harrison-esque riffs on this track are hard to resist.

As for Imagine Pt. 3, it’s a fun mix of Beach Boys innocence with a bit of British psychedelic to the moving beat of a 70’s family sitcom intro theme song.

Between British Sea Power and The Smith Westerns dropping phenomenal albums in the past few weeks, we’ve gotten some amazing music in the first month of the new year. That leaves eleven whole months of unabated goodness to come. Woohoo!

Listen to a few goodies below.

Smith Westerns by The Vinyl District
End of the Night

Smith Westerns - Imagine, Pt. 3 by Vicente P

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