Monday, January 17, 2011

AA Loves: Orange Blossom Flyover – Hearsay in Paradox Lust

If the abstract title wasn’t enough to intrigue you, the opening beats alone on Hearsay in Paradox Lust will be enough to draw you into Orange Blossom Flyover’s mysterious world.

Dreamy, lazy, and thought provokingly reminiscent, this deliciously cogent track will leave you wanting more. Mournful guitars undulate slowly over a simple beat, while ghostly vocals swirl about the ether putting you under its magical spell. Just as your heart begins to race and your head spin the reverie is cruelly interrupted by silence, leaving only a lingering memory to hang softly in the air.

Stream the entire Fast Reverse EP below, or hop over to Bandcamp to get your own copy courtesy of Orange Blossom Flyover aka Massachusetts based Ryan Scally.

Also, be sure to check out his Soundcloud as there is many a gem hidden away there.

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